Tips to apply False eye Lashes

We all familiar with and love the high-quality ‘old false eyelashes, the ones with the self-adhesive strips or the plain glue. The ones that are a frightening to get on and then fall off an hour later, well now there is a way to combat this crisis and celebrities have known this secret for years. Introducing eyelash extensions, they are a incredible new product that lightens and thicken eyelashes by applying individual synthetic eyelashes to replicate your own for a natural look. Eyelash extensions are safe, fun, fabulous and now affordable.

1.    Step 1: Cut Back

Evaluate the strip of lashes to your eye. With small straight-ended scissors, trim off any excess from the outer edging. Trim the ends unevenly for a more natural look,.
2.    Step 2: Make It Stick
Apply cautiously a very thin line of glue to the base of the strip. Before you move on to the next step set aside the glue to dry out for just a few seconds.
3.    Step 3: Apply Lash Strip

You can use tweezers or your fingers and gently hold the false eyelash above your own. First apply it at the outer corner of your eye as near as possible to your own lash line.
4.    Step 4: Finish The Look

Use eye shadow as liner to blend the false lashes with your own. Finish with a coat of mascara.

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