Charm of Talisman collection from De-beers

Nature’s most precious treasures, diamonds present the ultimate timeless glamour – nothing brings style and status together so briefly. Designed for the modern woman, the new Talisman collection brings together the prestige of these rare and exceptional stones with the matchless expertise and craftsmanship of De Beers, with its 120-year heritage of selecting and setting the finest diamonds.

It’s very much a new-style fine-jeweler’s collection, distinguished by the innovative combination of rough and polished stones, all selected for their unique beauty, and creatively set in designs that reference nature’s wonders. The circular shape brings a rhythmic, feminine quality to the icy hardness of the gems; the super-chic band rings, bangles and earrings are wearable yet utterly captivating. Sparkling polished stones are forever elegant, refined and cultivated, with organic rough diamonds no less brilliant but bringing softness and untamed gracefulness to the collection. The Talisman collection is a celebration of natural beauty, of timeless style, of the modern woman herself.

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